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Serving our customers since 1980.

The Company

Celertransporti is a dynamic and "Evolving" company. Projected into the future, its mission is to improve the environment in which we live and decrease environmental impact over time by promoting environmentally sustainable alternatives.

It was founded in 1980 as an “evolution” of the 30-year experience gained by founder Giuseppe (Peppino) Lucchesi.

Celertrasporti, a national leader in freight transport, has always been attentive to environmental impact. Over time, it has consistently favored environmentally sustainable alternatives to road transport, joining, among other things, Ecovadis, an international company tasked with assessing environmental and social performance through CSR indicators, obtaining “Silver” certification in 2015 for achieved results, aiming for the highest “Gold” certification as early as 2017.
This choice has radically changed the way of understanding the world of transport, in fact, in this case, the reduction of the environmental impact of the transport cycle, is not only done by reducing co2 emissions, but also by a prudent management of consumables, solvents used in washing (the company uses its own water purification plants), recycling of toner and polluting materials.

The company has also equipped itself with a 22000Kw photovoltaic system.

"Evolution" is the term that distinguishes our organization, as well as in sports, a source of inspiration for the founder, who is deeply passionate about cycling where this concept reaches the height of its meaning. Indeed, it is the detail, the detail that can determine the final result, a philosophy applied in the management of the company since time immemorial.
is the result achieved in 2018 of the "On-time", on-time delivery
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Our Customers

We have the privilege of working with large and small companies operating in all major European economic sectors.

Celertrasporti has an extensive presence throughout the country.
Taking advantage of multimodal logistics systems (Road / Sea / Rail), it manages to deliver the goods entrusted by customers with extreme efficiency and punctuality. In 2018, it achieved 99.50% of “On-time” deliveries.
By applying a fair pricing system, without neglecting the basic principle of road safety of its vehicles and transported goods, the company guarantees excellent and competitive service.